The PXLab Self-Assessment-Manikin Scales

These scales are modified versions of the Self-Assessment-Manikin scales developed by Lang (1980). These are the modifications:


Lang, P. J. (1980). Behavioral treatment and bio-behavioral assessment: computer applications. In J. B. Sidowski, J. H. Johnson, & T. A. Williams (Eds.), Technology in mental health care delivery systems (pp. 119-l37). Norwood, NJ: Ablex.

Suk, Hyeon-Jeong (2006). Color and Emotion - a study on the affective judgment across media and in relation to visual stimuli. University of Mannheim: Dissertation.

The 9-Point SAM Scales

The Portrait Version of the Valence Scale

5- and 7-Point Scales also Exist

And there is a Modified 9-Point Scale

Images are Scalable Without Loss of Resolution

Unselected Image

Selected Image

Thin Lines

Thick Lines

PXLab Application Screen Shots


Self-Assessment-Manikin Scales Example Application

The file sam.pxd shows several Self-Assessment-Manikin scales (Lang, 1980) combined with text, color and image objects. Scale variants are: 5, 7, and 9 point scales. The 9-point scale my be shown in a reduced form using only 5 images and seperate selection dots. The valence scale my be shown in full body or portrait mode. All images are scalable and can be fit to any size.

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