The PXL User Manual

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. An Introductory Example

  3. Parameter Definitions

  4. Running an Experiment

  5. System Environment and Files

  6. Graphic Devices, Modes, and Fonts

  7. High Resolution Colors

  8. Sound

  9. Response Devices and Timing

  10. Adaptive Procedures

  11. Macros and Preprocessing

  12. General Experimental Parameters

  13. Acoustic Stimulus Discrimination

  14. Color Selection and Scaling

  15. Problem Solving Games

  16. Geometric-Optic Displays

  17. Tachistoscopic Character Displays

  18. Questions and Binary Responses

  19. Brightness Equations of Polychromatic Lights

  20. Moving Gratings

  21. Paired Associates Learning

  22. Bit Mapped Image Displays

  23. Problem Solving Tasks

  24. Gamma Table Measurement

  25. Response Time Measurement

  26. Sequential Item Presentation and Testing

  27. A Multichannel Tachistoscope

  28. Manual Tracking

  29. Helping Hands

  30. Bibliography

  31. The Input Grammar