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Color Vision Demonstrations

Professur für
Allgemeine Psychologie

Prof. Dr. Hans Irtel


Color Vision Demonstrations


The CVD program of this page is outdated. A new Vision Demonstrations program is part of the PXLab library.

This page leads you to some screen shots from the Color Vision Demonstrations program CVD for IBM PCs and compatibles as described in this reference:

Irtel, H. (1992). Color-vision demonstrations on an IBM PC/AT with VGA. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 24, 88-89.

Note that in order to display these images correctly you need a true color display with 8 bits resolution per color channel.

Context Effects I

Context Effects II, Adaptation, Photometry

Dynamic Effects, Color Ordering Systems

Color Mixing, Spectral Lights and Color, Color Checkers

Video Test Images


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